Mr Vinay Nair, 25, Research Analyst

Mr Vinay Nair, 25, Research Analyst Vinay starts his day with overview of previous day's events, covering both macro-economic and sector and corporate specific developments. Events may be at domestic or international level, like the energy prices at NYME!

Plan for the day may include covering corporate events and announcements relating to specific sectors covered by Vinay. Interviews with senior management could be planned, either over phone or in person, depending on whether it is a regular update on the company, or any specific events have triggered an analyst review of the corporate.

Then there are meetings organized with institutional dealers, and also with institutional clients, to understand the latest research view and analysts rationale behind the same.

If events and analysis during the day lead to an update, then Vinay will have to prepare update summary and ensure it gets published to intended audience (either select clientele, and/or media) before end of the day!

And yes, then there are specific occasions to prepare quick analytical reports based on client requirements and also requests from dealers and senior management (Equities and Investment Banking teams).

The day is indeed hectic, but supremely challenging and spiced with great networking and knowledge management at the same time. Welcome to the world of research!

Mayank Patwardhan, 28, Dealer (Institutional Equities)

Mayank starts the day with quick review of all the papers and media cuttings for the previous day, both domestic and international coverage. Networking with peers in market is also part of the "morning cup of tea" ritual!

Mayank then attends a dealer meeting, where the House views are shared, and all dealers share their own views and news in order to gauge the market impact and movements for the day, and plan the day's strategy well in advance.

The market hours see the frenzy of trading, handling customer calls, checking market prices, understanding the market sentiment and trend!

Evenings are again spent in post market analysis internally. Mayank also calls up customers and discusses the day's trading, specific customer positions and strategies executed during the day. There are in-person meetings also with large customers where inputs based on in-house research and house views are discussed in detail.

The day ends with more news and data pouring in from Europe and US markets, and thus more planning, for the next day