Investing in equity is considered to be one of the basic forms of investment.


The prime benefit of investing in equity is to increase the value of the principal amount invested which is derived in the form of capital gains and dividends. In the event that an equity investment rises in value, the investor can benefit from the monetary difference if they sold their shares, or if the company's assets are liquidated and all its obligations are met.


An investor has to rely on public information and be ready to do a lot of rigorous homework before finding equities that may have a foreseeable future. And they can be disadvantaged in terms of databases, stock tracking, qualified manpower, and research! KSL’s constant endeavor is to drive growth through building confidence. We offer understanding of market dynamics, cutting-edge tools & technologies and value-added services. Our team of equity trading researchers constantly focuses on sectors, Indian equity trading markets, categories and companies and offer growth strategies.

Why KSL Is The Right Choice in Equities!
  • Our research and analytics will help to find the right mix of assets for your portfolio.
  • Track stock aggressively and ensure that you are well-informed regarding stock performance.
  • Provide daily industry insights so that you are aware of all ‘hot’ stocks in the market.
  • Timely information on market opportunities
  • Recommendations for specific needs
  • Strategic inputs for maximizing returns
  • Centralized back office offering easy 24x7 access to account information
  • Single window order entry with instant confirmation
  • Multiple market watch facility with streaming quotes (Live Market Rates*)
  • Seamless (2– in – 1) trading experience (Demat & Trading A/C)
  • Instant Fund transfer facility
  • Inclusive research reports & well-timed advisory services
  • Low bandwidth option for anywhere access
  • Online real time advice/ recommendations on your trading platform
  • Review your Margin Status, Holding Report, Order and Trade Book on a real time basis
  • After Market Order (AMO) facility
  • 128 bit encryption security certified by Entrust SSL

We strictly adhere to compliance directives. This has given us the reputation of a law abiding, technical savvy and conservative equity broker and has helped in the smooth functioning of our business since 1934.

Secured and Personalized for Equity Investments

We deliver a completely secured and personalized working experience to each of our clients. Every client is given an user ID & password is sent along with the Welcome Kit. Smart account enables the client to view all sorts of back office information in his office.

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