Online Trading with KSL

KSL’s Online Trading portal is a one stop financial solutions website catering to all your trading & investment needs and it is developed in latest technology which can be accessed seamlessly on Desktop, Smart Phones and Tablets.

Online Trading Platforms

KSL’s online trading facility offers the convenience to trade into Equity and Derivatives conveniently using any device viz. Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.

KSL XTS Trade - an easy to use online trading platform for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet that helps investors and traders to buy/sell stocks and check back office reports seamlessly.

KSL also provides a robust desktop application based trading platform called KSL PRIVE which is meant for clients who are actively involved in the stock market and do heavy intraday trading.

KSL’s online trading services are also supported by Call-n-Trade facility to help the customers trade over the phone by calling on its landline number +91 22 4076 7373.

online trading platforms

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